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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Lowering your risk of major diseases CancerCancer is a term used to describe a broad group of diseases that are characterised by unregulated or abnormal cell growthprimary characteristic of cancer There are over 200 different types of cancer that effect tissuesorgans in the body 1 Genetic Mutations at the DNA levelexternal or genes will cause this it can happen by chance or by exposure to cancer causing agents these can accumulateover time with normal aging processes hence people are morelikely to get cancer later on in life Once we have these mutations that are sufficient enough causes the next stepoCarcinogensoAgingoInfectionsoRadiationoInherited 2 Abnormal Cell proliferation and growththe cells continue to divide rapidly and grow into a tumoroUnregulated multiplication of cells possessing genetic mutation3 Tumor formationoIn the normal cell cycle all cells divide but after a certain period of time cell death occurs In cancer the cells dont die and instead they continue to multiply These tumors can be benign noncancer tumors They begin to become notice if they are large C4 Metastasis oCancer cells moving from one place to anothergo to the blood and infiltrate that part of the body as well Your risk from dying from cancer will be more Hence it is important find out cancer exists before it gets to this stageCancer cells dont die when they are supposed to Dont stick together well anddont specialize into mature cells Cancer Cycleo1mutation spontaneous or geneticoHyperplasia increase number of cellscan be treatedoDysplasia cells are abnormal in appearance and deviate from normal organizationbehaviorif left untreated will very often progress to full blow canceroIn situ canceraffected cells are abnormal in growth and appearance but the tumor is stillcontained oMetastasis genetic changes allow the tumor to begin invading underlying tissues and to shed cell into lymph or blood oIn situ and invasive and metastasisabnormal cells are continuing to grown innumber and deviate from the normal body and will eventually go into the blood stream and affect other parts of our bodybig problem Cancer related Genes dont happen all the time but it depends on the type of cancer oDNA Repair Genes drivers edFix mutations within the cell before they have a chance to be passed on via cell division before the mutation divides and passes on First line of defence oTumor Suppressor Genes BrakesStop cell growth and control cell death apoptosisstop the tumour growth reduce cell proliferation50 of cancers believed to be related missingdamaged tumor suppressorgenes oOncogenes Gas Pedal Mutation of protooncogenesoncogenes Accelerate cell growth and encourage cell proliferation Stages of CanceroCancer stage is based on the size of the tumor whether the cancer is invasive or noninvasive whether lymph nodes are involved and whether the cancer has spread It depends on the type of cancer Stage 1 breast cancer from prostate cancer oBlood vesselsthe cell growing togetherthe cell needs to grow put its waste out and this causes the blood vessels to grow angiogenesis oFrom stage one to stage4 harder to survive from it and it is more expensiveCanadian Cancer StatsoLeading cause of death after 2007 cardiovascular beat it o186400 new caseso75700 deaths o25 Canadians expected to get cancer somewhere in their lifetime oOver time the number of new cases of cancer increasedfairly steady rise rate at which we are getting it is the same Types of CanceroMenProstate cancer Lung CancerColorectal oFemaleBreastLing Colorectal oBrest and Prostatea lot of people survive from itvery good survival rates 95oLung Cancer less than 25 are living after 5 yearsvery closely linked to smoking status Elimination of cancerearly detection preventioncomplete strategy Etiology causesdisease and prevention Causes smoking excessive sunlight arsenic environmental carcinogens viruses Poor diet lack of exercise we can change these things by our lifestyleCancer Prevention and Nutritionthese have reductionary effects on canceroTea coffeeoCruciferous vegetablesoBerries butsoAntioxidants polyphenols isoflavanoidsoVitamins mineralsoSpicesoFiber whole grains oBerries grapes wine Early Detection DiagnosisoEducation Know what to look forKnow howwhere to seek further screening oScreeningOften very specific to the typelocation of the cancerMammographyPap sreams ColonoscopyCytology biopsies and tissue samples Seven warning signs of canceroChange in bowel habitsoA sore throat that doesnt healoUnusual bleeding or dischargeoThickening of lump in breast testis or elsewhereoIndigestion of difficultyswallowing oObvious change in a wart or mole
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