respiratory diseases

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Respiratory DiseaseCommon Lung Diseases affect the air way or lung tissues oAsthmaoChronic Obstructive pulmonary disease COPDoBronchitisoEmphysemaoPulmonaryfibrosis Pulmonary Circulation Diseaseclotting scarring or inflammation of the blood vessels that are in your lungs this makes you less capable of taking up oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide If you have pulmonary embolism than you have areas in blood vessel dont get blooddue to a blood clotcant re oxygenate blooddecreases in blood oxygen level pulmonary arterial hypertension high blood pressure and pulmonary hemorrhage Restrictive Lung Tissue affect the structure of the lung so things like pulmonary fibrosis sarcoidosis and serve obesity akin to wearing a too tight vest and not being able to take deed breaths cant expand rib cage The reason is because there is reduced lung compliance stiff lungyou cant expand your rib cage This will make it harder for you to breath and increase the O2 demand This makes it take shallow breath and increased expiratory rates since your lungs dont want to expand they shrink back quicklythe passive recoil is faster Overall this will make it so that you breath at a faster rateThis type of breathing patterns makes it so that there is a non uniform distribution of ventilationthis basically means that some alveolar units are not exposed to gas in the same way they would in a healthy normal respiratory breathing pattern In some situation they will have fibrosis of lung tissue will make it so that the diffusion from the capillaries to alveoli is impaired lung tissue becomes hard Both mechanical and gas exchanges are a problems Scoliosissevere lateral curve in the spinethis makes it so that your rib cage is deformedcant expand rib cagechanges the way you breath limited chest movementreduced lung volumesinert rods to straighten out but its a risky procedure These people have severe back pain One leg bigger than the other hip pain back pain Pulmonary fibrosis restrictive lung disease Lung tissue is becoming scarred all overcaused by infections or environmental agents such as asbestos silica and chronic inflammation These can get picked up easily a normal lung should be all black They should be transparent Scardoidis immune disease it is genetic that cause lumps of fibrous tissues called granuloma on the skin and organsbrain eye heart complication All these tissues are affected with the crazy immune system Lung Function Tests total ling capacity vital capacity tidal volume residual volume and functional residual volume all of these will be less in a person with a disease to make up for it they have to breath faster Ventilation is increased in the rate because they arent taking deep breathsthis type of breathing pattern takes four times more oxygendecreased exercise capacity The respiratory muscles ask for a portion of the blood flow more whats left over for legs is lowAbility to get oxygen is will also be less
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