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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

KINE 1020 EXAM DISCUSSIONProf Rowan said that the mock exam is not generated by any of the professors or personnels in KINE 1020All winter notes these notes are from last year 2012 Ill let you decide if they are helpful I will still post this years notes once I receive them httpswwwboxcoms90o77cxf5rns6cwtyw9yNEW NOTES ADDEDLECTURE NOTESI WILL ADD OTHERS AS SOON AS I RECEIVE THEMhttpyepitkine1020 Lab Practice Questions httpgooglVogZiKINE 1020 MOCK EXAM WINTER 2013KAHSS0 httpgooglzQV4GBy RicardoJanuary 7 Lecture 1 Which energy system is the primary source of ATP at resta Phosphagenb Glycolyticc Sarcoplasmicd None of the above 2 What it the rate controlling reaction in glycolysisa PPKb PFKc FPKd RFK 3 Where does oxidative phosphorylation takes place ina Mitochondriab Sarcoplasmc Sarcoplasmic Reticulumd RibosomeANSWERS1 B2 D oxidative3 A January 9 Lecture1 Which contraction makes the muscle elongate during tensiona Isometricb Concentricc Eccentricd Isokinetic 2 What is found in the blood after a workouta Proteinb Creatine kinasec Protein and creatine kinased None of the above 3 How much creatine is depleted within the first minute of exercisea 30b 50c 80d 90 4 Which method returns muscle to normal state much quickera Electric contractionb NothingRestc Massage therapyd StretchingANSWERS1 C2 C3 C4 A January 11 Lecture 1 What is Integrated Electromyography used for iEMGa To visualize internal body structures through electrical charges flowing through body
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