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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

Lab 7 Fitness Training Equipment Familiarization During exercising students RPE and exercise HR will be monitored via radial palpation or heart sensors Stairmaster 4000Enhances Cardiovascularrespiratory fitnessWorks out major lower body muscles o Gluteus Medius Gluteus maximus Quadriceps HamstringsCalvesPreprogrammed workouts 8 Manual option oPretimed 545minsIntensity 10 levels can increase intensity with speedMotivational tool display panel calories floors climbed distance time work completed 1in Kgmmin and watts WindracerMotivational tool aerodynamic resistance and display makes participant feel like a competitive cyclist o Displays calories speed watts fitness test can be conductedPreprogrammed workouts 6Intensity hundreds can increase intensity with speed RowerPreprogrammed workouts 4 o Pretimed 10 sec to 59min and 59 secImproves cardiorespiratory fitnessDisplay calories stroke output distance time TreadmillImproves cardiorespiratory fitness and excellent for weight controlIntensity adjust speed and elevation to change intensityCan enjoy walking running indoors Recumbent BikeImproves Cardiovascular fitnessBenefits Cordless ergonomically designed enhanced lumbar back support Heart Rate control feature allows bike to automatically change intensity to meet desired HRPreferred over the Upright bikePreProgrammed workouts 4Intensity 16 resistance levels 30450 watt can change anytime manual optionDisplay time distance RPM HR Work level Watts calories Arc TrainerCross training low impactIntensity variable resistance 101 levels 0900watts 11 incline levelsMuscle emphasis can be modified with 3 training positions
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