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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2031
Neil Smith

Elevate Scapula: 1. trapezius 2. levator scapula Upward rotation of the shoulder: 1. trapezius Downward rotation: 2. rhomboids 3. pectoralis minor Adduction of scapula: 1. trapezius 2. rhomboids Abduction: 1. Pectoralis minor 2. serratus anterior Shoulder extension: 1. spinal deltoid 2. latissimus dorsi 3. teres major 4. long head of triceps brachii Shoulder extension of a flexed shoulder: 1. pectoralis major Shoulder flexion: 1. clavicular deltoid 2. pectoralis major 3. biceps brachii 4. coracobrachialis Lateral humerus rotation: 1. spinal deltoid 2. Infraspinatus 3. teres minor Medial humerus rotation: 1. clavicular deltoid 2. pectoralis major 3. latissimus dorsi 4. subscapularis 5. teres major Shoulder abduction: 1. acromial deltoid, 2. supraspinatus (initiates only) Humerus adduction: 1. pectoralis major 2. latissimus dorsi Humerus horizontal flexion: 1. pectoralis major Elbow flexion: 1. biceps brachii 2. brachialis 3. brachioradialis (when arm is semi-pronated) 4. pronator teres 5. flexor carpi radialis 6. Palmaris longus 7. Flexor carpi ulnaris 8. flexor digitorum superficialis Elbow extension: 1. all heads of triceps brachii 2. supinator Forearm supination: 1. biceps brachii 2. supinator Forearm Pronation: 1. pronator teres 2. pronator quadratus Wrist flexion: 1. flexor carpi radialis 2. Palmaris longus 3. flexor carpi ulnaris 4. flexor digitorum superficialis 5. flexor digitorum profundus 6. flexor pollicis longus Wrist Extension: 1. extensor carpi radialis longus 2. extensor carpi radialis brevis 3. extensor digitorum communis 4. extensor carpi ulnaris 5. abductor pollicis longus 6. extensor pollicis brevis Wrist Abduction: 1. flexor carpi radialis 2. flexor carpi ulnaris 3. extensor carpi radialis longus 4. extensor carpi radialis brevis Wrist adduction: 1. flexor carpi ulnaris 2. extensor carpi ulnaris Metacarpal-phalangeal flexion: 1. flexor digitorum superficialis 2. flexor digitorum profundus 3. flexor pollicis longus 4. lumbricals Metacarpal-phalangeal extension: 1. extensor digitorum communis 2. extensor pollicis longus (thumb) 3. extensor pollicis brevis (thumb) Interphalangeal flexion: 1. flexor digitorum superficialis (1 ) 2. flexor digitorum profundus (1 & 2 ) nd 3. flexor pollicis longus (thumb) Interphalangeal extension: 1. extensor digitorum commu
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