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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2031
Kuk/ Riddell

1. The heart is ____to the spine? (a) medial; (b) lateral; (c) dorsal; (d) ventral 2. Which best describes the relationship between the ears and the tip of the nose? a) ears are medial and posterior to the tip of nose b) ears are lateral and anterior to the tip of the nose. c) The ears are medial and anterior to the tip of the nose. d) The ears are lateral and posterior to the tip of the nose. 3. Which cavity is not part of the Ventral Body Cavity: a) thoracic b) abdominal c) cranial d) pleural 4. Which is distal to the femur? a) tibia b) hip c) elbow d) radius 5. All of the following are found in the abdomino-pelvic cavity EXCEPT: a) large intestine b) urinary bladder c) kidneys d) ureters 6. Which of the terms in the list would you NOT exhibit if you were standing in the anatomical position? a) standing erect b) feet flat on floor c) palms against the lateral sides of the thigh d) arms at sides 7. Articular cartilage is (a) hyaline; (b) elastic; (c) smooth muscle; (d) fibrocartilage 8. The primary ossification center forms in the: (a) proximal epiphysis; (b) distal epiphysis; (c) epiphyseal plate; (d) diaphysis 9. Where would you find transitional epithelium? (a) lung; (b) intestine; (c) trachea; (d) bladder 10. Pseudostratified columnar ciliated cells are found in the : (a) lung tubes; (b) intestinal tube; (c) mouth; (d) bladder 11. The epidermis of your skin is: (a) simple squamous; (b) simple cuboidal; (c) stratified squamous; (d) transitional 12. Endothelium always faces: (a) the abdominal cavity; (b) blood; (c) bone; (d) air 13. What kind of epithelium would be found lining the oviduct of a female? (a) cells with brush borders; (b) cells with cilia; (c) cells with no special apical structures; (d) both cilia and brush borders 14. Which term is out of place: (a) no intercellular material; (b) avascular (c) protection; (d) much matrix 15. Secretion, protection, absorption are functions of: (a) epithelium; (b) connective tissue; (c) nervous; (d) muscle 16. Which term is out of place: (a) osteocyte; (b) calcium/phosphate crystals; (c) chondrocytes; (d) vascular 17. The frontal bone of the skull is formed: (a) intramembranously; (b) endocondrally; (c) is ossified before birth; (d) is one solid bone at birth 18. Select the structure composed of hyaline cartilage: (a) humerus; (b) fetal skeleton; (c) intervertebral discs; (d) ear 19. The epiphyseal plate is: (a) cartilage; (b) found between the diaphysis and epiphysis; (c) area for long bone growth; (d) all are correct 20. What kind of epithelium lines lung tubes? a) stratified squamous (b) simple cuboidal (c) stratified columnar (d) pseudostratified ciliated columnar 21. Epithelium which is as wide as it is tall is called (a) simple (b) columnar (c) cuboidal (d) stratified 22. The intestine is lined with (a) simple columnar (b) simple cuboidal (c) simple squamous (d) stratified columnar 23. Endothelium (a) is simple squamous (b) lines the entire circulatory system (c) a and b are correct (d) none are correct 24. Select the correct tissue: avascular, no intercellular material, much cell division, absorbs, and is the structure of glands (a) nervous (b) muscle (c) connective (d) epithelial 25. Select the correct tissue: few cells and much matrix between the cells; cartilage, tendons and ligaments (a) connective tissue (b) muscle (c) nervous (d) epithelial 26. Blood, bone and fat are: (a) epithelium (b) connective (c) nervous (d)
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