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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

Lab 1 Interesting Websites for students of all ages    York U career centre Search Engines     Lab Q&A  Adam Sandler has been in 46 films  Sandra bullock has been in 47  A metal rod breaks the glass in the magic trick Lab 2  To fill cells just drag on the corner  Format Painter- copies the format of a cell (text, colour) and can apply it on another cell  When entering a formula place “=” in front Naming cells  Can use: Define name, Name box, and Create Data Validation  GIGO= Garbage In, Garbage out  This is used to catch potential errors  Another way to assist data entry is to use List, so that users must select options from a list and this will eliminate typing errors GPA 1. Current points= Current GPA x # of credits completed 2. Total credits completed= # of credits completed + credits remaining 3. Total desired points= Total # of credits that will be completed x desired GPA 4. Points to earn= Value from formula 3 – Formula 1 5. GPA on remaining credits= Formula 4/ Credits remaining to complete Lab 3  Sum function- adds things up  To hide, highlight the rows/columns go to Format and click on hide Dealing with Missing Data  Subjects may drop out or data may be unavailable Moving average- plot a trend line to see the progression Lab 4 To convert units  Convert a value to the unit of measurement one level below, you will increase the value by 1000 o Multiply by 1000 or divide by 1/1000  Convert a value to the unit of measurement one level above, you will be decreasing the existing value by 1000 o Divide by 1000 or multiply by 1/1000 Lab 5 IF function  Logical test- the condition that you want to evaluate  This is like a True and False question  If this is more than one condition use AND & OR  Ex. =IF(AND(D45>565,C44>565),"Good","Bad") CountA  Numeric values or text labels Count  Values (normal numbers not ID numbers), ID numbers are like names Count IF  Range- enter the list  Criteria- what you are counting Percentile Rank  If the researcher is interested in knowing how each subject compares to the groups of subjects upon their test scores Percentile  If you want to figure out what score to get to be in a certain percentile Lab 6 Multiple Worksheets  Good to use multiple sheets to keep work organized  Indication “!” tells us that another worksheet is involved  HST- 8%, ECO-7% VLookUP  Pieces inside brackets are called arguments- (blah_blah, blargh_blargh)  Lookup_value- value from original data, you want to compare with  Table_array- the table of info in which data is looked up o Values in first column must be put in ascending order (1,2,3) o !- means it is on another page/worksheet  Col_index_num- column number in the table array  Ex. =VLOOKUP(M6,Table!$C$3:$D$8,2) o Remember to add $_$_ around the table values
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