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KINE 2049 Midterm 2 Learning Goals

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

CHAPTER 5Experimental Research Describe why independent variables have levels The manipulation of the independent variable by setting it at different levels gives you the ability to describe the causeandeffect relationship A change in dependent variable because of the change in the independent variableDifferentiate between internal and external validity Internal validity is the quality of a study regarding how well the results of an experiment are due to the independent variablesExternal validity is the level of which the experiment can be generalized to the populationWhat are the factors threatening internal and external validity Factors threatening internal validity are local history hidden event eliminate them pretesting practice effects skip pretest tradeoff maturation changes over time random subject assignment instrumentation changes in measurements trained measurements and calibrated equipment differential subject selection preexisting subject differences random subject selection statistical regression unreliable measures toward the group mean double testing and mortality nonrandom mortality is a type of differential subject selection incentiveFactors threatening external validity are population people ecological setting subjects who do they represent pretesting sensitization thats interesting can improve by doing Solomon Four Test Hawthorne effect Im a guinea pig make it a blind study expectancy selffulfilling prophecy awareness of issue and guarding against it and over generalizing differential operational definitionsHow do you improve internal and external validity You can improve internal validity by random subject assignment control groups being careful with measurementsYou can improve external validity by subject selection with defining a population and proper sampling and replication of the experiment with a broader range of conditions swimming to bikingWhat is the relationship between internal and external validityThe relationship between them is if internal is high external is usually high If internal is low most likely external will be low but there are cases of low internal and high external and as well as low external and high internal strict conditions They are inversely related
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