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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2050
Merv Mosher

First Name: ___________________ Surname:________________________________ n(eallt) Student Number: _________________________ KINESIOLOGY AND HEALTH SCIENCE KINE 2050 3.0 Analysis of Data in Kinesiology Quiz #1 February 16, 2011 This exam is worth 20% of the total course mark. INSTRUCTIONS: Record your name and student number on the Scantron sheet provided. Ensure that your student number is correctly filled in. Failure to do so will result in a loss of 2 marks. Answer all questions on the Scantron sheet. Use an HB pencil. Ink or hard lead pencils will not be scored. If you change an answer use a high quality eraser to completely remove the previous mark. At the conclusion of the exam you MUST SUBMIT both the exam question sheet and the Scantron answer sheet. Failure to submit both will result in a grade of zero [0]. EXAM AIDS: This is a closed book exam and NO ADDITIONAL AIDS ARE PERMITTED . This includes formula sheets, memory aids, notes, and electronic devices like computers, cell phones, etc. Calculators without alphanumeric programmable memories and statistical functions may be used. Dictionaries are NOT permitted. Time allotted: - 45 minutes. VERSION A 1 For questions 1 to 4 fill in the blanks using the answers listed below this question. An answer may be used more than once. In an experiment to determine the effectiveness of a drug for lowering cholesterol, a number of variables were measured/computed for each participant in the study. When we record the age of subjects we use a [1]_____ level of measurement. By including the gender (1=male; 2=female) we have utilized [2] _____ level of measurement. Initial cholesterol levels of subjects, [which can range from 0 to 15 mml/kg], were then measured. This is an example of [3]_____ measurement. Finally, the subjects were sorted from highest to lowest levels of cholesterol which requires [4] _______ measurement. A) Nominal E) Generic B) Ordinal F) Independent C) Interval G) Dependent D) Ratio 5. Statistical methods may be described as methods for drawing conclusions [or reaching decisions] as a result of _________ calculated from _________ taken from _________: A) statistics, samples, populations D) parameters, statistics, populations B) populations, parameters, samples E) populations, statistics, samples C) statistics, parameters, samples 6. A continuous variable is: A) one that can only assume certain numerical values B) one that may assume any value between minimum and maximum limits C) one that allows for qualitative classification D) one whose values are either in a decreasing or increasing order E) none of the above 7. If you are told the mean is 14 and the mode is 21, which of the following statements is possible? A) median = 28 and the distribution is negatively skewed B) median = 28 and the distribution is positively skewed C) median = 17 and the distribution is positively skewed D) median = 17 and the distribution is negatively skewed E) m edian = 7 and the distribution is positively skewed 8. Last year a several Ontario universities challenged each other to a fundraising competition. Five schools raised $4,000, 3 schools raised $9,000, 4 schools raised $16,000 and 4 schools raised $20,000. How many schools raised funds less than the mean? A) 5 B) 8 C) 12 D) 0 2 9. When drawing a figure to represent a frequency distribution, upon which axis are frequencies generally located? A) X axis B) Y Axis C) Z axis D) secondary Axis E) either a or c 10. Researchers have been measuring the time between eruptions of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The following distribution of the data has been graphed below. This type of distribution is considered to be: A) Leptokurtic B) Bimodal C) Platykurtic D) positively skewed E) both a and c 11. Pam finished second, and Sue finished fourth in a flower-growing contest. Pam is: A) twice as good at gardening as Sue B) half as good at gardening as Sue C) 50 percent better at gardening then Sue D) both a) and c) E) none of the above 12. In a unimodal and symmetrical distribution, the mean and median are ____________. In a negatively skewed distribution, the mean is _________ than the median value. In a positively skewed distribution, the mean is ________ than the median value. A) the same numerical value, a larger numerical value, a smaller numerical value B) the same numerical value, a smaller numerical value, a larger numerical value C) a smaller numerical value, a larger numerical value, the same numerical value D) There is not enough information about the sample of the distribution to answer this question 3 13. An undergraduate class of 96 students wrote a statistics quiz. Using the data below, determine the score that falls at the 65 percentile. Test Scores % Frequency Cumulative frequency 91-100 3 96 81-90 13 93 71-80 15 80 61-70 6 65 51-60 19 59 41-50 22 40 31-40 9 18 21-30 6 9 11-20 2 3 1-10 1 1 A) 66 B) 65 C) 68 D) 84 E) none of the above 14. What is the percentile for a student who scored 64 on the exam? A) 62 ndpercentile B) 64 thpercentile C) 67 thrcentile D) 68thercentile E) 24 percentile 15. What is the real lower limit for the interval containing the score of 15? A) 2.5 B) 10.5 C) 14.5 D) 20.5 E) 70.5 16. What is the size of the class interval for this distribution? A) 1 B) 9 C) 10 D) 96 4 17. Jake had a z score of + 0.35 on a test with a mean of 71 and a standard deviation of 4. What was his raw score on the test? A) 72.4 B) 73.6 C) 77.1 D) 75.3 E) None of the above values is correct. 18. [2 marks] An experiment conducted by a researcher from the Kinesiology Department at York University. A sample of 50 undergraduate students (25 men and 25 women), ran a 150 meter race and were timed in seconds. The means and standard deviations are presented below. What was the time [in seconds] required by men to be at the 80 percentile? Men µ = 36.6 seconds Women µ = 37.7 seconds σ = 2.1 σ = 1.9 A) 37.7 seconds B) 38.4 seconds C) 34.8 seconds D) 35.5 seconds 19. Sally handed in her statistics homework assignment and had calculated the standard deviation for one of her answers as – 10.3. What would you conclude about this? A) Since the standard deviation calculation requires deviance scores to be squared a negative value is not possible.. B) When calculating variance or standard deviation, the formula uses negative values and indicates the bulk of the data lies on the left side of the distribution curve. C) There is a large spread (variability) in scores around the mean. D) There is a large spread (variability) in scores around the median. E) Nothing can be concluded without more statistical information. 20. In attempting to calculate the monthly income from a hair dressing salon, the accountant found the monthly median to be $6000 and the mean to be $7500. What kind of distribution is the accountant dealing with? A) one in which the mode should be the measure of central tendency B) positively skewed C) negatively skewed D) Bimodal distribution E) none of the above are correct 5 21. Calculate the standard deviation using the following data: A) -0.26 raw deviation data from B) +0.26 [x] x 2 C) -0.22 mean D) + 0.22 1.2 1.44 -0.29 E) + 0.51 1.3 1.69 -0.19 0.8 0.64 -0.69 2.1 4.41 0.61 1.7 2.89 0.21 1.9 3.61 0.41 2 4 0.51 0.9 0.81 -0.59 sum 11.9 19.49 0 mean 1.4875 2.44 0.00 Answer the next two questions using the information given below. A group of professional Elvis Sky Divers, [people who parachute from a plane dressed like Elvis Presley], competed in an event in Las Vegas. Each of the sky divers jumped and attempted to land as close as possible to a target on the g
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