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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Michael Connor

KINE 3012 Review Questions Cardiovascular 1. How does an increase in tissue metabolism cause a local increase in blood flow? What is this mechanism known as? Name an organ that relies heavily on this type of regulation. 2. Define pulse pressure. What are 2 factors that could cause an increase in pulse pressure? 3. What are 3 factors that enhance venous return to the heart? 4. What is edema? What could lead to edema? 5. Calcium channel blockers, which prevent Ca2+ entry into cells through Ca2+ channels, are used to treat high blood pressure. Explain 2 ways these blockers would lower blood pressure. 6. How does an increased venous return enable a bigger cardiac output? Be specific in explaining what factors are affected by the increased venous return. 7. Compare the effect of epinephrine on the heart vs. on arterioles. 8. What factors contribute to total peripheral resistanc
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