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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Michael Connor

1. Normally, the alveoli empty completely during maximal expiratory efforts. (T/F) 2. The 2 forces that promote alveolar collapse are: ___________________ and _____________________. 3. __________________ is a measure of the magnitude of change in lung volume accomplished with a given change in transmural pressure gradient. 4. What is the partial pressure of a gas present in air at a fraction of 0.4? (assume sea level atmospheric conditions). 5. At an altitude of 18000 ft, atmospheric pressure is 380 mmHg. What is the partial pressure of oxygen under these conditions? 6. Which is NOT a function of the conducting zone of the respiratory system? a) humidifying the air b) adjusting the air to body temperature c) exchanging gases between respiratory system and blood d) secreting mucus e) protecting the lungs from inhaled particles 7. Surfactant is secreted by a) goblet cells b) alveolar macrophages c) type I cells d) type II cells e) ciliated cells 8. Contraction of the diaphragm increases the rate of air flow during force
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