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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Topic 8 The flocculonodular lobe of the cerebellum receive its input from the vestibular system and the visual system. Its outputs return to the vestibular nuclei. The main function of the vermis and the intermediate hemispheres is to control the actual execution of movement (correct for deviations from an intended movement through comparing feedback from the spinal cord with the intended motor command), The three phylogenetic zones of the cerebellum and their functions are: - The flocculonodular lobe (vestibulocerebellum) o Controls the axial muscles, used in equilibrium control - The vermis and intermediate hemispheres (spinocerebellum) o Control the actual execution of movement, modulate muscle tone, regulate movements using a feedforward mechanism - The lateral hemispheres (cerebrocerebellum) o Motor: planning/preparation of movement, evaluation of sensory information for action as part of the motor learning process, program the motor cortex for the ex
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