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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Topic 9 Plasticity describes the ability to show modification (neurons can change). Neural plasticity is a continuum from short term changes (the efficiency/strength of synaptic connections) to long term changes (structural changes in the organization and number of connections among neurons). Motor learningcan be seen as a continuum of short to long term changes in the ability to produce skilled actions. Gradual shift from short term to long term learning reflects a move along the continuum of neural modifiability – increased synaptic efficiency gradually gives way to structural changes, which are the foundations of long-term modification of behaviour. - Neural modifiability: changes in synaptic efficiency → persisting changes → changes in synaptic connections - Parallel continuum learning: short term changes → persisting changes → long term changes The physiological basis of motor learning is NOT localized in one area of the brain but can occur in all parts of the brain. Relationship between learning and memory: - Learning – the acquisition of knowledge/an ability (process) - Memory – retention or storage of knowledge/an ability (product) Long term memory can also be seen as a continuum: - Initial stages of long-term memory formation = functional changes in synaptic efficiency - Later stages of memory formation = structural changes in synaptic connections (less subject to disruption) Difference between implicit and explicit learning - Implicit learning: learning of complex information without awareness that you are learning - Ex: through repeated stimuli - Explicit learning: Acquisition of skills and/or knowledge actively and with awareness. The learned suppression of a response to a repeated stimulus is known as habituation, while the learned i
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