Second part of course (Mosher) Skilled Performance

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Midterm 2Motor Learning This is the process involved in acquiring motor skills and the factors that promote or inhibit acquisition of these motor skillsA skill belongs to one of three categories1 Cognitive This is the part this is going on in your head No need for physical actions2 Perceptual Dealing with sensory stimuli3 Motor Quality of movement is important Skilled performance is goal directed It is the learned ability to bring about predetermined results with Maximum AccuracyIn a Minimum timeWith a minimum outlay of energyThe major difference between pro sports and lower level sports is the minimum time you have to perform an activity such as shooting a puck Also skilled performers often look lazy because they are so skilled at the activity that they outlay a minimum amount of energy THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INNATE ABILITY No one is born with skill The rule of 10 says that it requires 10 years or 10000 hours of practice in order to become a skilled performer This is the distinction between ability and skill A true skilled performer can use a lot of diff ways to get to a certain goal by using different strategies and procedures For example when Mohamed Ali was old he fought Forman who was much younger and more skilled Instead of punching Forman Ali decided to let Forman punch him as he would dodge most hits This got Forman very tired and once Ali saw the opportunity he started punching until he knocked him outPractice makes a relative permanent improvement however it does not make perfect There is no such thing as perfect During the acquisition of a skill in the beginning youre pure shit and as you keep practicing with time you become better and better In the beginning your skill improves quite fast and as time goes you begin to plateau in your learning As we learn we go through different stages 1 Cognitive stage 2 Associative stage 3 Autonomous stageCognitive stage This is the first stage These is where the subject understands the task makes gross errors such as dribbling on the foot or throw a ball over the net instead of inside of the net This is where learning strategies are made Associative stageAt this stage gross errors are practically nonexistent The performer is not bad at the sport or the activity but he is not great at it either He still will be thinking about the actions as he is doing them by connecting the stimulus to the motor response In general there will be a refinement of performance Autonomous stage The activity at this point becomes automatic You no longer need to think about the action The speed increases and the variability of performance decreases much less errors are made as well The difference between skilled and unskilled performance is not physical its cognitiveInformationHThe amount of H contained in a signal is measured in bits One bit is the amount of information required to reduce original uncertainty by halfLogNbit 2An informationprocessing model is a model where information is inputted in a variety of ways such as smell and auditory The three informationprocessing stages are1 Perceptual mechanism stimulus identification 2 Decision mechanism response selection 3 Effector mechanism response programmingWe start the procession model with selective attention you chose to take information in We then perceive the information and make decisions based on the information taken in We then send a message to an effector so that your body can produce an action With these actions there is feedback to change our action as we take information in Feedback is information about error it is the difference between what you want to do and what you are doingInformation refers to two things1 A stimulus in the environment
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