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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 22 1 How is information about the position and movement of various body parts available to usBy peripheral receptors located within the skin muscles and joints throughout the body2 Define Kinesthesis It is the conscious sensation of movement andor limb position that arises as a function of certain sensory activity 3 List the candidates still considered to provide conscious sensation of limb position and other movementrelated sensationsJoint receptors muscle spindles golgi tendon organs and cuntaneous receptors4 What were the two functions that Adam proposed about the receptors in and around the joint performed during movementThey regulate the dynamic aspects of limb movements and regulate static timing or the sequence of action5 a TrueFalse Joint receptors were shown to fire at extreme ranges of joint rotation however they stopped firing when the limb was in midpositionTrueb Referring to the statement above what would this finding if true demonstrateIt was incompatible with the idea that joint receptors continuously signal limb position Because kinesthetic sensations continued throughout the range of motion it was clear that other afferent sources were also being used to signal joint position 6 Muscle spindles have been shown to be the most important source of kinethesis available to us7 Which 3 areas were researched to confirm the role for muscle spindle afferentsMuscle vibration tendon pulling and elimination of joint and cutaneous signals8 What would happen to your arm if a high frequency vibration was applied through the skin over a muscle or tendonIt causes the level of spindle firing to increases the vibrated muscle contracted involuntarily
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