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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 2 1a Define Reaction Time RTRT is defined as the time interval between the presentation of a signal such as a light or an auditory tone and the initiation of movementb Give an example of when RT can be usedIt can be used in a sports situation to determine how quickly a sprinter responds to the starters signal and begins to leave the blocks2 When movements are in response to a single stimulus this is what type of reaction time situation Simple reaction time3 a What is the difference between a choice reaction time and a discrimination reaction time Choice reaction time is when there are many possibilities for action available discrimination reaction time is when multiple signals are presentedb Give an example for each Choice reaction time quarterback can throw to anyone or run with the ballDiscrimination reaction time the quarterback instructs the quarterback to throw to a particular receiver4 a What does a fractionated reaction time require the use of Fractionated reaction time FRT requires the use of surface electromyography EMG to partition RT into two partsb What two parts does this partition RT intopremotor time PRMOT and motor time MOTc What is the difference between these two parts Premotor time is the time that ela
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