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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

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Questions for Reading 4 1 Define reaction time RT The common measure indicating how long it takes a person to prepare and initiate a movement is reaction time2 TrueFalse A measure of RT would involve the time the stimulus is presented and the conclusion of the movement False3 How would one assess optimal RT To assess optimal RT some type of warning signal should be given prior to the stimulus signal4 How would a researcher determine if RT measures are longer than normal If one performance situation results in a longer RT than another situation the researcher can determine what may have led to the different RT lengths which then can tell us something about influences on the amount of time it takes us to prepare an action5 Why is RT important for a football quarterback Because RT also provides a window for examining how a person interacts with the performance environment while preparing to produce a required action6 What is movement time MT It is the interval of time between the initiation of a movement and the completion of the movement7 TrueFalse MTRTresponse time True8 Why cant RT predict MT or vice versa This is because RT and MT is that they are relatively independent measures This means that RT does not predict MT or vice versa The
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