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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 81 Deciding what to do is one of the most important features of skilled performance How should these decisions be done Quickly and predictably factors contributing to these decisionmaking capabilities including processing environmental information the ways that this information is coded stored and used in decision making and some of the factors that contribute to the actual decision2 Why is it important to process environmental information when making a decision Environment is important when making a decision because environment can affect the situation3 Information is presented to the human as input and skilled movement as output 4 What are the 3 stages by which information must pass on the way from input to output Stimulus identification Response selection Response programming5 What happens when the first stage has completed its operations When this stage has completed its operations the result is passed on to the second stage whose result is passed to the third stage and so on the process fin
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