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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 91What is memory An important concept in thinking about skills is memory I usually seen simply as the storage of the results of the various informationprocessing activities discussed so far2a What is the most peripheral or sensory aspect of memory called Shortterm memory store stssb How long is the environmental sensory information stored in this memory store For a maximum time ofseconds3What is thought to come before conscious involvement STSS storage4How do we manage to control the many environmental stimuli around us All the information from sensory storage obviously cannot reach consciousness because people are aware of only a tiny fraction of the information available Thus a selective attention mechanism selects some sensory information in STSS for further processing5What happens to information which we do not need to further process The remainder of the information in STSS is simply lost to be replaced by more recent sensory information6What must expert athletes do to learn at higherlevels Much learning in highlevel sports involves selective attention directing the senses to the appropriate things as the skill unfolds and avoiding information that would detract from the goalst 7TrueFalse Suppose Ichiro Suzuki baseball player begins leaning towards 1base before he even makes contact with the ball It is sa
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