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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

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Questions for Reading 171 What is action preparationWhat occurs between the intention to act and the initiation of movement to perform the action itself2 Define reaction time RTThe amount of time between the production of a signal telling a person to begin performing a skill3 a When considered in the context of action preparation what is RT The amount of time between the production of a signal telling a person to begin performing a skillb What is this interval time sometimes calledresponsedelay interval4 Why would a wide receiver in American football after planning his or her running route have difficulties following it in a gameBecause they may have difficulty remembering more complex tasks when there are other things that were not planned out going on around them5 TrueFalse As the number of response alternatives decreases The amount of time required to prepare the appropriate movement decreasesTrue6 Which situations do the fastest RTs occurThe fastest RTs occur in simpleRT situations which have only one stimulus and one response7 When would RT slow downRT slows down when more than one stimulus and more than one response are possible as in the choiceRT situation8 a What law is used to predict a persons RT when his or her simple RT and the number of choices are knownHicks lawb What does this law state
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