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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 211 What are the openloop and closedloop control systems based on Openloop and closedloop control systems are based on mechanical engineering models of control2 These two models are basic descriptions of different ways the central and peripheral nervous systems initiate and control action3 What are 2 important roles of the control center executiveGenerate and issue movement instructions to the effectors which in the human are the muscles of the limbs body andor head involved in producing the desired movement4 TrueFalse Both closedloop and openloop control systems involve feedbackFalse5 a What is the feedback in human movementIt is afferent information sent by the various sensory receptors to the control centerb What is the purpose of this feedbackThe purpose of this feedback is to update the control center about the correctness of the movement while it is in progress6 What is the difference between the two control systems when looking at movement instructions
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