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kine 3020 midterm

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

First NameSurname Print neatly Print neatlyStudent Number YORK UNIVERSITY FACULTY HEALTHSchool of Kinesiology and Health ScienceKinesiology 302030Skilled Performance and Motor Learning Quiz 2 December 2 2009This exam is worth 20 of the total course mark This is a closed book exam but nonprogrammable calculators may be used NOTE The answers to the multiplechoice questions are to be done on the separate answer sheet provided Scantron Sheet Each multiple choice question is worth one mark unless noted otherwiseTime allowed45 minutes Neatly print your name and student number in the space providedMARK 34 11 A good reader will have more fixations while reading a line of text than a poor readera Falseb True2 The term serial skill was discussed in lecture As explained in the Readings the word serial implies thata The movements will be longer than discrete skills and not have a recognizable beginning and end point b The movements will be shorter than discrete skills and not have a recognizable beginning and end point c The movements will have a recognizable beginning and end point and be quite brief in duration d The order of the movement elements is usually critical for success e The movement is less complicated than a discrete skill3 Static Visual Acuity and Dynamic Visual Acuity depend a great deal on perceptual learninga False b True4 Stimulus identification represents which of the following information processing stagesa decision mechanism b perceptual mechanism c effector mechanism d response selection e feedback5 Crossmans Confusion Function is written 1DRTab log X1log X2 bits 22correct Which of the following statements is NOT a b represents the slope of the function b a represents the amount of time taken by the perceptual and decision mechanism c the more similar in size X1 and X2 are the slower the DRT will be d the general form of this equation is Y abx e X1 and X2 must be presented simultaneously2
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