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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Growth lecture Notes (after midterm) 2/27/2012 4:04:00 PM Feb 27  Fundamental Movement Skills: Object Control  Continued  If you cannot do the basics it will keep you from doing more complex things later in life  Physical literacy is very sport specific (doesn’t include dance and etc)  Read aesthetic literacy article  Developmental Motor Delays:  Delay is when the progression is the same but below what is expected for the given age  Example child walks normally but doesn’t walk until age of 2  May catch up with time  Deficit is when something is absent  Neuromaturation theory  Biologically driven  Delays are caused by damage to CNS  Therapy can retrain the brain  CNS is very plastic  Cerebellum processes info form other parts of the brain  Apraxia: Harry Potter has it  Often end up socially isolated  Visual problems can cause no depth of perception  ADHD: 18%  Some believe it is genetic others believe it has a environmental component  New study found that PA can help  Chemicals released during PA is idea for the brain to learn new things (plasticity)  ADHD does carry on into adulthood but there is much less research in adults  Poor vision will influence motor development   We don’t need to expend energy to regulate our temperature because of AC and heating March 5  Osteoporotic bone is much more hollow and a person’s body weight can significantly decrease  Bone remodeling  Bone maturation is due to osteoblasts (build) and osteoclasts (chew)  Up to 35 years of age osteoblasts activity outweighs osteoclasts activity  After 35 it is important to be physically active and have healthy bones  Especially important for women  Female athlete triad consists of 3 signs and symptoms  Amenorrhea (can be permanent)  Eating disorder  Bone mineral loss Youth Sport  Children under the age of 11 cannot understand competition  Sport is an ideal way to reach a lot of kids  Unhealthy for kids under 17 to run a marathon  Kids who participate in sports are less likely to smoke cigarettes and use illicit drugs, but higher rates of alcohol consumption  In football as age increases, injury rate increases as well  Injury rate in women is higher may be due to the less dense bones  Osgood schlatter diseases is more common in males  Dehydration is a major issue in swimmers  Sport team can easily replace a g
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