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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Exam questions: 1) Difference between gender and sex 2)How are the struggles of women in sport played out in the early 20 and 21 century  womens (feminist) war 3) outline a trajectory of electricity based media and communication technology, and how it interweaves with the production and consumption of professional/ high performance sport. Give examples of how bodies are represented, included/ excluded and integrated with economic systems. telegraph, pager, cell phone (smartphones), home phone, gps, social networks, email, dial up internet to wireless internet. msnskype, facetime…black and white tv to colour tv. typwriter to computer…desktops to laptops  scanner, printer, fax  adding courses online rather than calling in  online banking, online shopping  cameras, Polaroid to snapshot camcorders Sports: heart rate monitors, treadmills, calorie counters, step counters, V02 max -electronic coaches, online weight loss companies  mass media. The audience is the media olympics. Idea of a nation (with the Olympics it brings out nationalist pride) there is a disconnect and a disconnect in it. There is a connect to a sport that you play but a disconnect when watching it in the Olympics played by others  electricity has changed the world and describes how the world has changed socially and how we relate to one another.  Marshal Mc Luhan (1964) , Canadian philosopher that understood media and predicted the internet. Tele/graph writing at a distance.
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