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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Sleeping Tigers- film  Asahi Baseball team- Japanese baseball team  Baseball was a perfect cultural fit  Sponge balls, tennis balls, then to hard balls  Sunday morning ball game, was more important than Sunday chuch  Japanese teams only played other Japanese teams  They wanted to prove that they were equal to the Caucasians. No one thought that they had a chance  People started playing for Asahi team at 8 years old  Invented BRAINBALL= speed and skill. They couldn’t bat as far as the angosaxan people, so that’s why they bunted. The Japanese team was small and they couldn’t compare to the caucasion players they were playing against. So they adapted to bunts and strategic play and won the championships against strong teams. They used their speed and bunting to their advantage to steal bases to win against stronger teams  They relied on the bunt  They won 3-1 without a hit. They relied on bunts and steals  They had to sit at the top of stadiums. To be accepted in that era was a big deal. They weren’t allowed to vote.  In 1937 they won the pacific north championship for 5 years in a row.  1941 canada and japan with the U.S.A went to war.  Japanese were classified as enemy aliens  They were evacuated from their homes and moved into an exhibition where women and men stayed. It smelled like livestock because of the animals that were previously there  Women and children were sent to ghost towns in British Columbia and men were sent to work.  24 hours to evacuateIn their luggage when evacuated, the Asahi jerseys and memorabilia was taken with them because it meant so much to them  The teams of Asahi disappeared during this war because everyone was dispersed to different ghost towns. In 1942 they knew they would never play again  Jan. 23 1943, all confiscated property belonging to the Japanese was to be sold. Every aspect of their lives was controlled. James burnes ran the rules.  New baseball teams were formed within the camps.  RCMP watched them  The first game was played on Dominion Day. Everyone in town watched, Japanese and white  Aug 15 1945, japan surrendered to the allies. Japanese Canadians never went ba
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