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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

The newspaper articles glorify the male aggrieve athlete as strong, intimidating, and perfect while deeming the injured athlete as a failure and loser. The media accepts and glorifies the act of male violence in sports promoting as entertaining to the viewer. Through the use of newspapers, the violent male athlete becomes the daily headliner on the front cover of the paper. Everyday citizens talk about these athletes over their lunch breaks, through blogs online, and are able to see instant replays of the fights on television. These athletes have fans that loyally watch live games/matches on television expecting to be entertained with some sort of violence during the game. Neil Richard Norman’s text quotes, “Everyone wants to see a hockey fight in a hockey game. When there is a hard foul, the fans want to see a player react. In male athletics, it is certain that that the athlete’s need to hold up to their manly image” (Norman 121). The media such as NBC in the 1970’s began promoting its hockey Game of the Week with a clip of a full scale brawl (Atyeo 331). By the NBC media corporation highlighting and sensationalizing the violent fighting in sports, spectators gain access to watching full out violence from the comfort of their own homes. The media never depicts the acts of male violence as wrong and inappropriate. It always worships the violence as proper and adequate behavior making the aggressive athlete seem as a hero. Coaches instill in their athletes the right amount of aggression needed to be successful in a game with parental support. The identity of the dominant, powerful, and vicious male athlete is idolized by children because the sports industry deems it to be the successful behavior of an athlete. Coaches enforce young boys to play like men and to not act like little girls. They also encourage little girls to play like strong boys. “The whole direction of youth sports is that they are scaled down versions of professional games. When you structure a game with adult supervision, you start placing adult values on kids” . It has become normal behavior to hear parents at a six year old hockey game to yell in the stands, “Get him! Go! Go! Hit him! Get him hard! Smash him!” Coac
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