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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3465
Nicolette S Richardson

KINE 3465 MIDTERM 1 NOTES REVIEWAnatomical Terminology Planes of motiono Sagittal planeo MedianMidsagittal planeo Transverse planeoFrontal plane Anatomical Position o SuperiorInferior o AnteriorPosterior o MedialLateral o ProximalDistalAnatomical Motion do them as you read them o FlexionExtensiondecreaseincrease joint angleHead Shoulder Elbow Wrist Trunk Hip Knee Ankle o Abductionaway from the midline of bodyShoulder Hip o Adductiontoward midline of body add to the bodyShoulder Hip o Lateral BendFlexionaway from midline of body HeadNeck Trunk o Wrist Deviationmoving away from anatomical positionRadial away from body Ulnar towards bodytowards U o Rotation HeadNeck Trunk o Internal MedialExternal Lateral RotationShoulder Hip o Rotation of HandSupination holding soup palm up Pronation o Rotation of FootInversion EversionRemember Relative position is always in reference to anatomical position THE BACK Topics some review from 2031Bones o Vertebrae Joints LigamentsMuscles o Extrinsic IntrinsicSpinal Cord VERTEBRAL COLUMNFunctions1 Support the other bones in the body 2 Movement in large motions 3 Protection of spinal CordVertebral Column Structure s of each 7 CervicalC7 is important12 Thoracic 5 Lumbar45 Fused Segments Sacrum24 Fused Segments Coccyx TypicalBasic Vertebrae Structure C T L vertebrae only FIRST THING W DIAGRAMSOrient yourself with anteriorposterior Anterior areaVertebral Body Posterior areaVertebral Arch SP Spinous Process x1most posterior portion of archTP Transverse process x2sticking out laterally in arch ribs attachPedicle x2connects vertebral body to TPLamina x2connects both TP to SPAP Articular Processes x2 superior x2 inferiorspots for attachment o Zygapophysial joint x4the joint bt superior and inferior APVertebral Foramenthe big hole in the middle between body and archThe typical vertebral bone has 6 joints if including both discs Intervertebral foramen x2exit for spinal nerves
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