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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3600
Francis Flint

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Athletic Therapy IITable of Contents1Athletic Therapy IIFemale InjuriesOverview and Structural ComponentsFew differences between males and females before pubertyFour main areas of differenceoSkeletalGrowth spurts for females around age 11 around age 13 for malesAfter menarche growth spurt around 1214 females grow about 5 cm and reach max height by 1617 yearsGrowth spurts in males around 1215 years reach max height at about 2021 yearsMales have about 11kg 24lb difference because of additional bone and muscle massPeak bone accrual about a year behind peak linear growth15 of lower body weight is on the fibulaFemales have shorter limbs thus less lever action and resultant loss of powerIncreased carrying angle at elbow wider pelvis in relation to shoulders shorter height lower CoGQ angle aka femoral obliquity angle between line of resultant force produced by quads and line of patellar tendonMales 13 females 18Larger Q angle leads to increased lateral patellofemoral contactSmaller Q angle leads to larger medial tibiofemoral contactGet a new skeletal system every 7 yearsoBody compositionFemales generally have about 26 body fat males have around 14 females have lower lean body massFemales subcutaneous fat primarily in lower bodyMales subcutaneous fat primarily in abdomen and upper body increased risk for heart diseaseoPhysiological differencesFemales have a smaller heart size increased HR up to 5 bpm and thus a lower stroke volumeSmaller thorax and thus smaller total lung capacityLower basal metabolic rate because of increased adipose tissueFewer RBCsMales deliver about 30 higher cardiac output because of bigger heart sizeoTraining and performanceMore common for some injuries to happen for femalesoACL patellar subluxation PFPS spondylolysis and spondylolythesis stress fracturesPotential biomechanical predisposition to knee injuryoIncreased Q angleoSmall intercondylar notchoQuadhamstring ratiooHormonal effectsoMore upright stanceoSocialization processSports bras should be 55 cotton as it absorbs sweatoCan have compressive and encapsulative sports brasCan tear the perineum females between the vaginal and anal openings with forced abductionBreast disordersoGalactorrhea secretion of breast milk in nonlactating breastoMastitis inflammation of the breastoDuctal disorders grayishgreen nipple discharge clogged duct2
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