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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4020
Roger Kelton

Vitamin Thiamin  Riboflavin  Niacin  Biotin Pantothenic Name (Vit B 1 (Vit B 2 (Vit B 3 Acid Thiamin pyrophosphate Co-enzyme (TPP) Flavin mononucleotide  NAD(nicotinamide  Part of a co­enzyme Part of co­enzyme  (FMN) adenine dinucleotide) (Acetyl coA) Flavin adenine  NADP  ­co­enzyme for 4% dinucleotide (FAD) of all enzymes Function ­Carbs metabolism Metabolism of glucose,  Glycogen synthesis, Synthesis of lipids,  (all involved ­Pyruvate  ▯acetyl coA Metabolism is involved  fat, and alcohol gluconeogenesis neutrotransmitters, ­a­ketoglutrate ▯ succinylof B6 & Niacin steroid hormones in energy metabolism) coA Wet beriberi:  Ariboflavinosis: lack of  Pellagra (w/c includes  ­Rare Rare Deficiency cardiovascular affected  (enlarged heart, swelling)riboflavin Diarrhea/Depression (can bind to egg white  ­Failure of body systems Dry Beriberi: CNS  Dematitis/Death) avidin w/c makes Biotin  affected(poor memory) ­inflamed eyelids unavailable for the body) ­80% deficiency in alcohol sensitive to light abusers ­reddening of cornea ­Wernicke Korsakoff  syndrome: brain disorder due to thiamine deficiency Toxicity ­­­­­­ No toxicity Niacin Flush No toxicity No toxicity Food Sources Whole grain, pork, Milk (incl. yogurt &  Can be obtained from  ­Made by bacteria in  Whole grains, Organ  moderate amount in all  cheese) tryptophan(60mg tryp =  intestines meats, avocados foods Enriched & whole grains 1mg of niacian) Egg Yolks, Whole grains Milk, Whole grain,  Meat Heat effects Steaming/Microwave Destroyed by ultraviolet  Heat resistant ­­­­ Destroyed by freezing,  is good. Destroyed by heatand irradiation not by  canning, & refining cooking Intake 1.1­1.2mg/day 1.1­1.3mg/day 14­16 mg/day AI: 30 ug/day  5mg/day Recommendation *Even if you have enough,  tryptophan to convert to  niacin, Leucin is can  interfere in conversion Vitamin Vitamin B6 Folate Vitamin 12 Choline Inositol/Carnitine Name (pyridoxal▯common)  Folic Acid,  (Cobalamin) (NON­B VIT) pyridoxine, folacin,Folate(food) pyridoxamine petroylglutamic  acid(PGA) Co-enzyme Pyrioxidal phosphate  THF(tetrahydrofolate) Methylcobalamine Made from methionine ­­­ (PLP);Pyridoxamine  DHF (dihydrofolate) deoxyadenosylcobalamin 
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