May 30 Final Lecture Athlete development 3 hour lecture. Athlete development, mental toughness.

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520 May 30 2011Mental Toughness the strongest part of my game is how i approach it mentallyLebron James Psychological Development of Elite AthletesCriteria for study Won at least two gold medals Findings all went through 4 phases Sampling specialization investment maintenance Following below does not guarantee but increases likelihood this is what previous olympians have doneSampling ages 512played numerous sports for pleasure and to socialize focus on experiencing fun and excitementSpecialization Ages 1315 Athlete specializes in 1 or 2 sports Competition and training become very important Investment Ages 16 athlete generally focused on the sport in which they became Olympic or World champions Intense practice and the deliberate development of skillsMaintenance Once athlete won a gold medal they continued to train and compete in order to maintain and improve their performance Investment Phasevery supportive family critical parents and siblings Eg being driven to the pool at 4am because athlete doesnt have drivers licenseCoachesmotivating demanding very knowledgeable at this age Specialists include strength coach nutritionist sport psychPersonal qualitiesconfidence perseverance motivationPsych methodsimagery relaxation selftalkPractices1540 hrs per weekDevelopment of Elite AthletesResonance Performance Model Newberg et al 2002Begins with a dream as a childI want to be on womens Olympic hockey team Child initiated it and parents and others nurture itpositive feelings and emotionsnecessary steps to achieve the dreamObstacles along the way Revisit the dream to get energized motivated so after tough workout envision winning and having medal put onNOTICE THAT IMAGERY GOAL SETTING ETC COME INTO PLAY FOR ALL MODELS SUCH AS ONE ABOVEThe Athlete Centered Model miller and Kerr 2002While striving for performance excellence athletes should strive for personal excellence Miller and Kerr 2002SUMMARIZE
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