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Linguistics and Language Studies
LIN 3619
Bruce Connell

Final Exam Study Notes Thursday, November 29, 209:36 AM LIN 3619 Language Endangerment Final Exam Study Notes Week 6: The role of the linguist, the role of the community (Textbook: Ch. 12) • Linguistic rights are generally not protected by the government ○ Certain declarations exist: UN charter, Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights, Asmara Declaration (Africa)  "All children have the right to receive education in their mother tongue" • Community views ○ Some want to revitalize a language, some do not wish to due to loss of prestige or change in status • Linguists' responsibility ○ Responsibility to community-- make expertise available to the community (putting their wishes first)  Provide research to community in a way they can understand  Assist with activities such as teaching the language or publishing language materials, etc.  Train community members in linguistic research skills  Give lectures to the public in regards to the local language and culture  Inform community members that they may one day regret losing their language  To advise the community of various language revitalization methods ○ Responsibility to the general public-- inform the public of the language endangerment situation through public lectures, symposia, newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, internet, etc. ○ Responsibility to world heritage-- assist in maintenance of cultural diversity ○ Responsibility to the discipline-- contribute to linguistic theory and foster interest in endangered languages ○ Two most urgent tasks of the linguist (Tsunoda)  1) To document endangered languages  2) To benefit the communities by means of research results, e.g., for language revitalization • Community responsibility-- community participation is essential • Governmental responsibility-- must recognize duty to protect minority rights (including linguistic rights) • Community reactions to exploitative researchers: ○ Communities are resentful of researchers because:  1) Research is controlled by outsider linguists • Researcher exploitation-- revealing secret or sacred ceremonies/artifacts to the public leading to community outrage • Not explained clearly to the community • Conducted purely for science or for the researchers' benefits  2) The community has not benefited from the research conducted there • Researchers ignore community wishes ○ Communities members feel that research is another form of exploitation or stealing of the language from the community ○ Community demands:  Researchers must respect the community's wishes and their intellectual property rights (research should be
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