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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 1021
Carl Wolfe

Tutorial Participation #1 What is your opinion on current situations in the hospitals? Provide any experience you had. In my opinion, the current conditions of the hospitals are really bad. First of all, people got to wait hours and hours for their turn to come and when they are sent to their rooms, again they have to wait for such a long time to get their check up from the doctor. I have a personal experience of it as well. I have broken my arm last year when I was in my back home country. So, I got it fixed from one of the doctors there. When, I came to Canada my arm started to have pain in it, therefore I went to the hospitals. After waiting five hours a doctor has checked my arm he concluded that my arm’s bone still has a little crack in it. So, therefore, he put cast on my arm and gave me an appointment with a specialist the next day. So, the spe
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