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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 1200

1involves using specific observations and measurements to arrive at a general conclusion or hypotheses2involves using logic to arrive at a specific conclusion based on a generalized or premise3Ais a set of components that function and interact in some regular and theoretically understandable manner4occurs when two or more processes interact so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effect5 is anything that has mass and takes up space6 number of protons in an atom7 sum of number of protons and neutrons8are atoms with same atomic number but different mass number 9are Atoms that have lost or gained electron10The amount of substance in a unit volume of air water or other medium is called its11is the quantity of good or service outcome that is obtained through the expenditure of unit resource12 Total kinetic energy of the molecules and atoms in a substance13 Average speed of the molecules in a substance14 The
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