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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 1505
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MATH1505 PASS – Feb. 14, 2013 Mock Test PASS Leader: Mohamed This mock test is not meant to cover all the material; use it to complement your review. Please use Table 6-1 on page 300 of the textbook as it contains the various standard anti-derivatives. 1. For the following function, determine the intervals where it is increasing, decreasing, concave up and concave down. Determine all local/global minima and maxima and point of inflection (if applicable). Determine all horizontal and vertical asymptotes (if applicable). Graph each function. a. ( ) 2. Use Leibniz’s rule to find dy/dx for the following functions: a. ∫ ( ) b ∫ c. ∫ √ , x>0 d. ∫ 3. Evaluate the definite integrals. a. ∫ ( ) b.∫ ( ) ( ) c. ∫ d.∫ e. ∫ √ f.∫ ( ) ( ) 4. Evaluate the indefinite integrals. a. ∫ b.∫ c. ∫ ( ) d.∫ e.∫ f.∫
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