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MGMT 1000 Speaker Notes Post Midterm.docx

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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

MGMT 1000 SPEAKER NOTES POST MIDTERM Corporate Social Responsibility Jane Gilbert CCO (Chief Communications Officer) Nature Conservancy of Canada  For-profit career originally  Did journalism first  Moved to the non-profit business world  Decided to leverage her skills to do good  Cared about profit and bottom line but now it’s about the people and the good done  Core Mission: Conserve natural places o Science based approach o Securement of land o Steward land  Partnership for creative solutions (landowners, governments, corporations)  Social entrepreneurship because recognize the problem of diminishing natural places and use creative solutions to solve the problem  Work with federal government and have much funding from that source  Help other companies to develop CSR by having corporations give financial support to Nature Conservancy, and the corporations receive branding  Her job is to tell the story to the public Claudia De Simone Director at Ashoka  Global association of social entrepreneurship  Cultivating social entrepreneurship  Ashoka Fellows o Having systems changing idea to solve a problem o High ethical fibre o Entrepreneurial trajectory o Social Impact o Creativity  72 countries worldwide  Work with young people  Working with universities to create hubs  Full economic citizenship o Helps corporations to work with Ashoka fellows Rob Keen CEO of Trees Ontario  Registered Forester  Started with no profit, but their reputation was on the line  Good reputation and working with government lead to large network MGMT 1000 SPEAKER NOTES POST MIDTERM  Environment was a hot topic around 10 years ago  So many green products out there, it loses the appeal  Make sure green products are extremely accountable  Started tree planting  Get outside your comfort level  Corporate support  Vicious loop - our environment drives our economy, and we have to protect our environment to ensure the economy can thrive  Corporations use more resources than they should - must be sustainable to ensure the economy thrives Librarian  Databases  Business Plan Handbooks  Trade Journals - specific products Schulich Graduates Gloria  5 years of financial services  Music start-up, independent musicians on youtube/soundcloud, Tunezy  Own business for marketing and social media  You learn about yourself  Take a leap of faith - entrepreneurship  Internships are your opportunity to dabble  Able to control your own destiny Sabiha  Yahoo account manager  Advertising agencies and direct clients  Works with Quebec clients, and government business in Canada  Trying to bring TV ad campaigns  It’s going to catch up to you if you don’t fit within a company  Wanted to talk to people, wanted to travel, wanted to not be attached to a computer  Flexibility, be open MGMT 1000 SPEAKER NOTES POST MIDTERM Nikita  Works in Entertainment - Corus Entertainment  Advertising for kids channels  Major toy companies  Personality identified with the company Fareed  Works at Google as an account manager  Advertising for auto industry  Works with ad agencies to set up ads on Google platforms  Says: must be compatible with individuals and the company’s values  Tendency to mold yourself to company, but you are who you are, instead find a company that fits who you are  You go to school to find your passion, the end result is the job Jean Adams: Find a job no one wants and make it something good Exchange Students Ida - South of France Difference in business administration - have to work to get something done, customer service isn’t necessarily as quick as it is here Hassan - Singapore Not necessarily the same globalization as you would expect Veronica - Buenos Aires, Argentina Superiority in business - we belie
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