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Marketing Review

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MKTG 4320
Vijay Setlur

Week 10 Destination Marketing - Challenge is to strengthen capacity of region to adapt to changing market place, and seize opportunities - Succeeds when stakeholders derive satisfaction from community and when visitors’ expectations are met - Must carry out the following tasks to be successful 1. Interpret what is happening in broad environment 2. Understand the needs, wants, and behaviour choices of specifica internal and external constituencies 3. Build a realistic vision of what the place can be 4. Create actionable plan 5. Build internal consensus 6. Evaluate at each stage (progress of the action plan) Tourist Gaze - Tourist landscapes are “consumed” by tourist who “gazes” upon them - Gaze – defined in terms of difference and exotic/pleasurable - Distinguished by imagery (symbolic icons) Imagineering - Image + Engineering - Engineer images of products to create desired tourist gaze - Pioneers – Disney Polysemic Structures - Narratives, Genre, Symbols - Narratives (story..ex. Dubai as transformation) - Genre (festival, spectale) - Symbols (Actual symbols ex. CN Tower) Week 11 – Marketing/Branding city of Toronto - Tourism Experience – to be understand in term
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