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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Anthony Falikowski

Passage Analysis WorksheetAuthors Thesis Hate speech should not be banned on campusMain Argument in Diagram andor standard formIC 1 This benefits no one except perhaps the university administration who can control dissent and maintain a semblance of public orderIC 2 It harms our basic liberties and freedom of speechIC 3 Implementing codes to ban hate speech even in the name of tolerance is to violate a basic premise on which the university operatesIC 4 Suppression of offensive and hate speech does not solve the underlying problem of prejudice and inequalityIC 5 Suppressing it does not make offensive beliefs go awayMC 6 Hate speech should not be banned on campusAuthors treatment of objections raised against his or her claimsargumentsObjection 1 raised Some universities passed policies and codes that prohibit speech that offends any ethnic or religious group race gender or sexual orientationAuthors Response to objection This benefits no one except perhaps the university administration and this harms the basic liberties and free speech The author states freedom of speech is a fundamental right of any society and that of which claims to be democraticEvaluation of Authors response The author jumps to conclusion that it benefits no one except perhaps the university administration without providing enough reasons The author also makes the claim that banning hate speech harms freedom of speech before providing any supporting claims to suchObjection 2 raised Time after time attempts to suppress free are often used against those they are designed to protectthe subordinate and persecuted groups in the society In authoritarian societies suppression of free speech has been turned against the dissenters and those who protestAuthors Response to objection It is not surprising for the author since he believes laws are more likely to be used to protect the powerful and suppress the powerless According to him laws rarely serve the interest of the persecuted groups and are often used as a means of protecting a privileged position and maintain social orderEvaluation of Authors response The author takes for granted that laws are to serve those in power and there is little or no justice for the powerless however he does not provide any
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