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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Anthony Falikowski

Mini Conceptual AnalysisModal CaseA fully covered Muslim woman arrives in the US airport where the airport police suspect her of being a terrorist She is taken to police custody and being questioned about her appearance and identity She tries to explain her situation but the police stop her and forces her to answer whatever they ask to her The police forcefully make her guilty and refrain to listen to her explanations After paying all the fines and charges she finally gets rid of the harassment and opens up a forum for victim like this In the forum she explains what she had gone through despite being innocent She protests against such kind of actions and hatred towards Muslim community The community accuses her of uttering hate speeches and bans her forumShould hate speech be bannedYesNoIt can ignite the crowd with false claims Denies to consider the underlying issueand stimulate an agitated situationIt could be just an explanation involving Might be uttered as repulsion of laws coarse languageand regulations prevailing in the The speaker of hate speech might not have country or areaany intention of doing harm to the societyLaws and regulations usually form Ideas could be misinterpreted and under the acceptance of majority hate regarded as hate speechspeech may be used to divert this attention and cause unrest to the Banning hate speech means we do not communitycare about what some individuals have to sayHate speech may involve personal motives or dislike imposed upon a Banning hate speech reflects that we have greater group of individualsa preconceive notion about the speaker and that we already know what one has to Demeans individualssay which in many cases may prove to be Can traumatize victims for their wrongpositionInvolves judging individuals before even May involve coarse language and racist analyzing what heshe has to sayattitude
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