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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Anthony Falikowski

Logical FallaciesILogical fallacy is an argument that contains a mistake in reasoning Two types of fallacies Fallacies of Relevance and Fallacies of Insufficient Evidence Fallacies of relevancelogically irrelevant fallacies of insufficient evidencefail to provide sufficient evidence3 ways in which a statement can be relevant or irrelevant to another Positively relevant negatively relevant or logically irrelevantPositively relevantif it counts in favor of that statement Eg Dogs are cats Cats are felines SO dog are felinesA statement can be relevant to another statement even if its completely wrongNegative relevancethat counts against other statements Eg Althea is a two year old So Althea probably goes to collegeLogical irrelevancecounts neither for nor against that statement Eg the earth revolves around the sun Therefore marijuana should be legalizedFallacies of RelevanceOccurs when an arguer offers reasons that are logically irrelevant to his or her conclusionPersonal AttackAbusive ad hominem Reject someones argument by attacking the person rather than
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