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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Philip Mac Ewen

Identify Arguments1 Mary lied when she said she attended the conferenceNo 2 Mary lied because she claimed too have attended conference although she didntYesSimple Opinion beliefs wno reason Reasoned Opinion gives reason Evidential Claims proven facts1 Abortion is wrongSimple opinion 2 Abortion is wrongC because it ends human life PReasoned opinion 3 American Idol is best tv show it appeals to large audiencegives audience entertainmentReasoned 4 Broccoli is good for you high in calcium and fibreEvidential Constitutive Rules of Argumentation 1 I dont care what you think I know what I believe and not changing my mindArgument 2 Your objectives havent undermined my argument PIm not agreeing with you CListening 3 Thats a feminist argument P I dont agree with feminist on anythingRespectFunction of Language1 Im elated that Canadian hockey team won the goldEmotion 2 That is a job well doneEvaluate 3 WowEmotion Role of Context 1 Meet me at the bankmeet by the river bank or building by bank 2 Children have access to childcarenot clear to what is being promise 3 Liberals are freespending and irresponsibleliberal spending habits Hypostatization making something out of concept 1 Poverty is stalking our nations childrenpoverty is a single entity 2 Male gender believes women are lower and dominate themmale gender not person all men single entity 3Nation demands every citizen rally behind war effortnation entity of making choices Metaphors 2 dissimilar things are compared 1 There a hole in theoryfacts cannot leak out of hole but theo
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