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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

MODR 1770 Final Test Review Practice Questions Note: The following are questions that we’ll work on together in lecture Monday July 31st. In order to prepare for the test, it is recommended that you review group work assignments, go back to chapter questions, and for deductive logic, go back to the practice questions that were posted on Moodle. Deductive Logic Decide whether the following arguments are valid or invalid. 1. If I perceive what appears to be a red door, then there really is a red door there. There really is a red door there. So, I perceive what appears to be a red door. 2. If laws could stop crime, there would be no crime. But there is crime. Therefore, laws cannot stop crime. 3. All bacon burgers are heart attack-inducing foods because all bacon burgers are high-fat foods, and all heart attack-inducing foods are high-fat foods. 4. People who drive SUVs are instant-gratification freaks who don’t care about the environment or environmental issues. Instant-gratification freaks who don’t care about the environment or environmental issues are the true enemies of the planet. Thus, people who drive SUVs are the true enemies of the planet. 5. For any syllogism above that’s valid, decide whether it is sound or unsound. For the following premise, add another premise and conclusion to make it valid in two ways - as a modus ponens and a modus tollens. 6. If Linus is telling the truth, he will admit to all charges. Fallacies Each of the arguments below contains a fallacy. Name the fallacy. Articulate principles that are violated. 7. The vast majority of Canadians believe that the monarchy is a good thing. 8. It is a myth that humans need to fear wolves. Wolves are social animals, so they are by nature friendly. Plus, there is no evidence of any person getting attacked in the wild by a healthy wolf. 9. We should place greater restrictions on the number of immigrants from Arab countries. Most Americans think the number of immigrants entering the United States from Arab countries is too high already. 10. I don’t see why I should accept the Prof’s arguments about pornography not being harmful. After all, he is male and his argument is just a reflection of his gender bias. 11. If music is cut from school programs, this will be good for the budget because we’d save money. We’d also lose our children to a world without music. Music touches the hearts of humanity. The school board needs to keep music in the curriculum - let the children keep singing. Neutralize a fallacy in the following passages, concentrating on step 6 of neutralizing fallacies. 12. Bill: "You know, those feminists all hate men." Joe: "Really?" Bill: "Yeah. I was in my philosophy class the other day and that Rachel chick gave a presentation." Joe: "Which Rachel?" Bill: "You know her. She's the one that runs that feminist group over at the Women's Center. She said tha
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