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Modr 1770 Cheatsheet

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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

Reasoned judgment is the result of an inquiry abortion instrumental claims like weighs pros and cons and uses public reason how practical things are buying a IssueTopicInquiryThesis parking pass at York and aesthetic claims like whether something is Principles appealing movie Interpretive used to apply Challenge and R Principle information to a situation or how clear consider every point of a view also you something is need to understand your are responsible for answering any inquiry questions the audience has Truth Seeking violated by ignoring Criteria for evaluationeveryone elses opinion we are trying to come up with the most solid State current practice understand both sides position has the most public rational History of the debate relevant info may and doesnt matter whose view it ischange view Fallibility when a part of your Intellectual social political and argument can be proven wrong historical contexts violating this requires you to not recognize you have flawed your Conclusion indicators therefore in argument structure most of the time the conclusiontruth seeking principal will also be Premise indicators such as bc due to on violated
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