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Film Music pleasure and Popularity

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York University
MUSI 1500
Ravi Naimpally

Film Music Pleasure and Popularity SongsHeart and soul of the filmPleasure aspect is to see songsMany linger in the audiences consciousness due to tunes and lyricsBhaskar ChandavararWellknown musician from PuneSocial and Internal aspects of SongsInternal is point of view of the creators who produce it onto film Creator include producer lyricist music composer arranger singer and musiciansThey play creative role sweeten or correct voice Social AspectsMany ways film music has a place in the daily loves of peopleFilms are tied with social and cultural dimensions of Indian societyThe songs have critical presence in daily livesJust about every occasion Early morning prayerstempleDevotees chant and sing songsRestaurants open their doors and turn the radio onCultured person men and women are encouraged to learn musicRural areasmusical concerns rarely happenbut vans coming to sell soap and goods being along recorded musicPolitical rallies star with film music to attract peopleTo kill boredom people play antakshari Not formal activity but is funfilledMukhda also called PallaviFirst 2 lines of song repeated Folk Classical and film music encompass peop
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