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MUSI 1530
Matt Vander Woude

CH1 Close ListeningPopular Music Appreciation CultureMusicPopular music reects subtle things about a culture like attitudes communication styles thinking patterns Jazz rock blues salsa etc are all hybridstheyre the result of cultures mixing ie African meets EuropeanMusic in a Multicultural SocietyDominant culture Centre of society more powerful than other groups Subordinate culture Less access to resourcesthese groups have used music to create cultural strength unity and self expression under shit conditions Eurocentrism is heterosexual male perspectives of the white middleupper classSo if youre cultured you go to museumsPopular culture refers to the mass cultural forms of everyday life The Western canon the body of cultural knowledge thats said to be important for an educated or cultured person to know is being reexamined1 person can have multiple cultural identities music is used to express an identity Destructive consequences associated with stereotyping music Each cultural group includes tons of subcultures and unique individuals with different beliefs values styles and musical tastes Borderlands often generate culturalmusical innovationWhen artists are faced with cultural discriminationadversitycreativity Borderlands have also fostered musical crossoverwhich takes place when a song or musician is associated with one style takes on the characteristics of another style achieves popularity in 2 or more genresEg Pete Escovedo Hearing vs Listening Listening requires a higher level of involvement than hearing Exploring Musical TastesFactors affecting Family preferences Where we live Religion Friends Education Think about where and how you listen to music There have been advancements in sound reproduction 1980sIntroduction of digital technologies improved delity recorded musicstill recordings cant duplicate live performances Developing a Popular Music Vocabulary RhythmRhythm refers to the arrangement of time in music it has 4 elements Beat is the underlying pulse of the rhythmTempo is the speed of the beat in popular musicits consistent throughoutto retard is to slow down tempo at end of song rubato signals that music is to be played in a relaxed less strict rhythmMeasure is a consistent grouping of beats in time each measure generally contains the same number of beats throughoutits possible to change metre midway through a tuneMetre is the way beats are grouped or number of beats per measure eg Waltzend of the 19th centurytriple metre34 time quadruple metre44 time is the pattern that music is generally Pageof 115MUSI 1530Jessica Gahtanwritten in now a backbeat emphasizing beats 2 and 4 is one of the most powerful fourbeat rhythms of NA pop music Syncopation describes rhythms that placed the accent off the expected beatrhythmic emphasis on the weaker part of the beat Melody A melody is a succession of notes of pitches that seem to relate and which express a musical thoughtthey dont exist in isolation interact with pitches eg if you are culturally familiar to a melody youre more likely to react positively to it A melodic interval refers to the distances in pitch between 2 notes The hook is a catchy melody rhythm or lyric that we cant forgetusually chorus a song can have more than 1 Lyrics Help you derive an emotional connection to a given song ScatImprovised nonsense syllables in vocal jazz Vocableswords with no denitive linguistic origin First songwriting teams GeorgeIra Gershwin then singersongwriters Bob Dylan Language can inuence a songs acceptance SelenaIn early 21st centuryincreasing acceptance of bilingual songsFirst Latin Grammy Awards 2000 Harmony 3 denitions2 musical notes produced together underlying chord structure overall music structure in a composition genre or style Monophonicsound of a single unaccompanied melody Homophonicsame melody performed with simple harmonic accompaniment Polyphoniccompositions which contain a more complex harmonic structure homophony where different melodies and rhythms interlock eg Row Row Row Your BoatAKA a counterpoint Chordgroup of 3 notes sounded simultaneously or melodicallyMost Western music contains the underlying chord structure denition of harmonyexceptions include folk music which is monophonic performed by solo voices or instruments with one melodyno harmony Jazz increased range of harmonic possibilitiesNot everyone likes more complex harmonies ToneTextureSonority is the overall tonal texture 4 parts 1Pitchhow high or low a given note sounds 2Timbreunique quality of the sound produced by a specic instrument or voice tone colour 3Durationhow long a tone lasts 4Dynamicschanges of volumes within a piece Culture can impact whether someone will like a particular tone Texture is the overall timbre created by a variety of instruments of voices produced musical sounds in a performanceresult of instrumentation the instruments used Improvisation Creation of music ideas on the spotit doesnt happen in a vacuumneeds to make sense in terms of the musical style surrounding itdening element of jazz Form Pageof 215MUSI 1530Jessica Gahtan
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