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MUSI 1530
Matt Vander Woude

Musi1530 Vander Woude Mainstream Popular Music General Music Industry RequirementsMusic is composed on demand for financial gainMusic is diffused by mass media and wellorganized distribution systemIts created win cityurban contexts US Population NA Native Indian Population1492 218 million1890 250000 First US Census1565 First Spanish Settlement St Augusta Florida1688 200000175011500001800 5308000 85 Rural1860 314430001900 76000000 62 UrbanEngland Scotland Ireland1850 1300000AfricanAmerican SlavePostSlave Population1790 797000 1860 4500000 1900 6000000 22 Urban 1950 15000000 61 UrbanIndustrial RevolutionPrivate Property enclosurepatentcopyrightGrowth of capitalCheapplentiful resources fish fur timber tobacco cottonCheapplentiful labour peasantsslaves Key Dates COPYRIGHT AND GROWTH OF PUBLISHING INDUSTRY 1453 Moveable Type Printing J Gutenberg 1556 Stationers Company beginning of Copyright Laws 1790 US Copyright Law 1831 Music Protected under US Copyright Law 1850 Advances in Sheet Music PrintingPage 1 Thematic Study Guide Gahtan
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