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Rock & Pop Notes.pdf

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MUSI 1530
Matt Vander Woude

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RockPopular Music MUSI1530Jessica Gahtan CONTENTS Chapter Notes Listening Exercises Discussion Questions Study Questions Answered whenever I could iTunes playlist Lecture notes Online lecture notes Summaries MUSI1530NotesTable of Contents iTunes Playlist3 Chapter 1 Close ListeningPopular Music Appreciation20 Chapter 2 Musical Theatre Parlour SongsBrass Bands26 Chapter 3 Tin Pan AlleyThe Golden Age of Popular Song33 Chapter 4 The Broadway Musical41 Chapter 13 Folk OriginsEarly Influences45 Chapter 14 The Emergence of Hillbilly Music48 Chapter 15 The Growth of CountryWestern49 Chapter 16Regional Sounds and City Styles50 Chapter 7 Gospel Sounds and Popular Music52 Chapter 9 African Origins Slavery and Slave Culture53 Chapter 10 Emancipation Blues Origins and History54 Chapter 6 Tin Pan Alley and the SingerSongwriter56 Chapter 11 RB and the Rise of Rock and Roll57 Chapter 12 TransAtlantic Blues Revival59 Chapter 18The Folk Music Revival and the Birth of FolkRock60 Chapter 19 The Counterculture and Psychedelic Rock62 Chapter 20 Art Rock Punk and Their Descendants63Evaluation Online Assignments2 Assignments20 2 x 10 each Online Group Discussions2 discussions30 2 x 15 each thstFinal test TBA June 19 to 21Essay30MCTrue False20 Details Course Director Matt Vander WoudeOffice 343 Accolade East Campus phone 416 736 2100 x77460Email Moodlemattvw53yorkuca OFFICE HOURS T 430515 PM appointment only EHours TW900AM1000AMOnsite Lectures May 6 May 13 May 20 May 27 Jun 3 Jun 10The website httpwwwpopmusicnelsoncom it has resources for studentsinstructorsPage 2 of 63Jessica GahtanMUSI1530NotesiTunes Playlist These links will take you to an iMix wherein you will find a list of songs you may wish to download You do not have to download any or all of these songs however they have been carefully chosen by the texts author Matt Vander Woude and will significantly add to your understanding and appreciation of the content of North American Popular Music First Canadian Edition Enjoy VOLUME 1 VOLUME 2This list contains additional songs that are not currently available within iTunes but are relevant to the texts content and are worth adding to your collectionTIN PAN ALLEY IN THE ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL Please Mister Postman Marvelletes 1961GOSPEL SOUNDS AND POPULAR MUSIC Lined Hymn Untitled Rev Crenshaw and Congregation Memphis Bad Boy Keshia Chante 2004AFRICAN ORIGINS AND BLUES HISTORY Katie Left Memphis Tangle Eye Berta Berta Leroy Miller and Prisoners Signifying Monkey Tom Ellis 1966HILLBILLY MUSIC COUNTRY AND WESTERN NEW COUNTRY Lisbon Southern Traditional Singers 1978 Barbara Allen Emma Dusenbury 1936 Against the Grain Garth Brooks 1991ART ROCK PUNK AND ALTERNATIVELove Me Do The Beatles 1962 Norwegian Wood The Beatles 1965 Strawberry Fields Beatles 1967 Obnoxious Husker Du 1982 Delta Rain Dream Brian Eno 1980ELECTRONICA AND HIP HOP Innovator Derrick May 1996 The Sunshine Underground Chemical Brothers 1999 Razor Blade Alchohol Suicide DJ QBert1999 Page 3 of 63Jessica Gahtan
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