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Test 3

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York University
MUSI 2520
Ron Westray

Test 3The Griots of West Africa had a vocal style similar to modern day rappersoThey had the Jamaican tradition of toasting boasting impromptu poetry spoken over musicHiphop started in New York City around the mid1970s amongst AfricanAmericans and Latino AmericansWhen the historical aftershocks of urban withdrawal resegregation and capital flight settled a new social and economic order had emerged in AmericaoIt was at this time that hiphop was conceivedEssentials1 RappingEmceeing2 DJing samplingbeat making3 Breaking BboyBGirls 4 Graffiti5 BeatboxingRapping is the rhythmic spoken delivery of rhymes and wordplay played out withwithout accompanimentIn the 1970s rappers were replaced by emceesoEmcees are more lyrical and rap over more complex beatsoThey are more metaphorical and rhythmically complexoSome examples of emcees Grandmaster Flash Rakim Chuck D KRSOne Mellie MelCultural foundations of rapping comes from several sources rhyming storytelling poetry and comedy Chris Rock Dave Chappelle Eddie Murphy Redd Foxx Richard PryorDJing is the art of mixing cutting scratching spinning and samplingLooping mixing and remixing are concepts that were brought over from Jamaican dub musicThe original DJ is considered to be DJ Kool Herc Clive CampbelloHe belongs to the Bronx movement is considered to be an originator of hiphop and is JamaicanbornBreaking is the dance equivalent to rapOriginates from the east coastPeople who practice breaking are called BBoys and BGirls The B stands for break which is the part of the song where they would dance toTwo notable crews from NYC are The Rock Steady Crew and The New York City BreakersGraffiti is the visual equivalent to rapBombing Covering an entire train car with graffitiFade Using a graduation of colours in an artists graffitiFamilies Rows of graffiti of the same namecrewFloaters Graffiti done at window level so it seems like its floatingFreights Graffiti done on railroad freight carsA notable graffiti artist is Taki 183 who gets the first part of his name from the Greek alternative to his birth name Demetrius The latter part of his name comes from his street in Washington Heights 183
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