MUSI 1530 Study Guide - Worshipful Company Of Stationers And Newspaper Makers, Ostinato, Cash Flow

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21 Jul 2014

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Music is composed on demand for financial gain. Music is diffused by mass media and well-organized distribution system. 1565: first spanish settlement, st. augusta, florida. Cheap/plentiful resources (fish, fur, timber, tobacco, cotton) 1556: stationer"s company (beginning of copyright laws) 1831: music protected under us copyright law. 1909: us copyright amendments (live, mechanical and multiple) 1914: licensing rights (ascap american society of composers, authors and. 1920: first blues recording ( crazy blues - race music) 1922: first country recording ( arkansas traveler hillbilly music) 1948: first african-american radio programming - wdia, memphis. 1892: vaudeville -> tin pan alley. Verbal art passed down from generation to generation. Folk memory may corrupt what it retains. 1545-62: council of trent (lined hymns and psalms) 1640: bay psalter first book published in north america. 1924: first million-selling hillbilly recording ( prisoner"s song ) 1939: formation of bmi (broadcast music incorporated) Types: (1) imported traditional (2) naturalized (3) native.