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NATS 1565 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Chewing Gum, Carnauba Wax, Moodle

Natural Science
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NATS 1565
Robin Marushia
Study Guide

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Term Project Summer 2020
Exploring a Product Made from Plants
Objective: to research and describe how a common household product or other widely-used
product is derived from plants.
Instructions: Write a 4 5 page essay summarizing your investigation of a household or other
other commonly-used product that is derived from plants.
FIRST: Choose a plant product! DEADLINE: MONDAY MAY 18 by 11:59 pm. Write in your
topic choice on the Moodle assignment. This is required in order to submit your Assignment #2!
A standard 4 5 page essay includes the following:
1) Introduction: introduce your plant product, why it is important or how it is used, and
how it is derived from plant products, as well as a thesis statement summarizing the
purpose of your paper.
2) 3 5 paragraphs that summarize the following:
a. What is the product, and what is it used for?
b. How is it derived from plants?
c. What plants are used, where are they from, and why are these plants useful for
making the product in question, and perhaps other products as well?
d. What is your experience with the plant product? (why did you choose it?)
e. Any other interesting information how the product has developed over time,
medicinal uses of the plant or plant product, history of the plant or plant
product, etc. *
*Choose the information that is most relevant for your choice of plant product!
3) A conclusion that ties in with your introduction, your thesis, and summarizes your
paper with a decisive ending.
Photo Journal:
You should illustrate your essay with a photo journal of at least 3 photos, but no more than 8
photos. The photos can be your own, or they may be from another resource, such as an internet
website, but in either case they should be attributed (cite your source, even if it is your own
picture). The 4 5 pages of your essay DO NOT include your photo journal.
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