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NATS 1565 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Moodle

Natural Science
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NATS 1565
Robin Marushia
Study Guide

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Learning Objectives for the documentary “Seeds: The Untold Story.”
Use the documentary, your textbook, and Supplemental resources posted on Moodle in order to
answer these questions. You should be able to write at least one concise paragraph in response
to each of these points,
1) Where do native crops (land races, or heirloom crops) come from? How have they been
traditionally maintained?
2) Why are traditional crop varieties, and the seeds they produce, important to maintain and
preserve today? Address the topic of crop biodiversity and crop traits.
3) Describe the cultural importance of native crops.
4) What are hybrid crops?
5) What are genetically modified crops?
6) Who produces hybrid and genetically modified crop seeds, and how are they distributed to
7) When farmers switch to growing modern hybrid and genetically modified crops, what are the
benefits? What are the tradeoffs? Address the following, at minimum:
a. Crop productivity and human population growth
b. Buying and selling of crop seeds
c. Patenting of genetically modified crop seed
d. Diversity of crops local and globally
e. Benefits and impacts to small rural farmers
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